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Enigmaty team will help your industry to get transform into automation which able to make your decision faster. Our robots and software's will work for you to achieve your goals sooner.

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Evolution Of Industrial Automation

Today, we’re at a fascinating inflection point. Industry 4.0 has become increasingly mainstream, due to the availability of affordable Edge infrastructure, the desire to gain new business insights from data plus the arrival of advanced connectivity technologies, such as 5G. How to take advantage of Industry 4.0 and deliver industrial Edge solutions for your customers?

Discover the varity of automation solutions by Enigmaty

Enigmaty offers in-house automation solutions for your business/indsutry. Learn more
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Products And Solutions for Automation

Ruggedization. Stability. Customization.

Enigmaty Process involves understanding, processing, come up with the solution, start customizing and we are all set for the development.

Use Case

Ceramic tiles Industry

Medical Industry

Investment casting Industry

Kitchenware Industry

Home decor Industry

Printing offset Industry

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