Adam Robot

Hey Adam!

Let's begin serving up some food. Adam is going to help you serve food in your restaurant, café, or resort. Adam has the capability to take 20kgs of food at one time.

Adam can serve food for continuous 24*7 because of battery replacement feature.

exchangeable battery

Multiple tray - 18" X 18"

smart touch Display

360° rotatable wheels


Robo technology for the hospitality sector is introduced to reduce human efforts and human errors. It will  help the restaurant to serve food automatically which is
10x time faster than a human These robots are developed by keeping in mind the
current pandemic time which will allow your restaurant to assure 100% contact-less dining. Customers will get engaged at your restaurant due to robots and get a magnificent dining experience.  Also, they will get an adventure of future technology.

How does it work?

Set Up

There will be a path set up for the robots from the kitchen continuously till the last table of the restaurant.

Instruction to Robot

Once, the order is received and the chef has prepared all the items. Then, the chef has to keep the plate on the robot. And simply they have To instruct the robot by tapping the number. So, the robot can reach the desired table number from where the order was given.

Serving food

After the instruction is given to the robot, it will move on the path of the ordered table number. And it will stop next to Once the green signal is given from the robot, the customer has to pick up their order from the robot.centre of the table.

After Order Pickup

Once the customer has collected their order from the robot. The robot will automatically come back from the same path to the kitchen for the next order.

360° Object Detection

Adam has 8 sensors to sense objects nearby and the ability to get the optimum decision without crashing into humans or objects.

Big 720Wh battery

Swappable Battery

Adam has a swappable battery system so you can have a 24/7 robot running at your service.


Exciting Features

Quickly and efficiently

The robot moves faster than the normal speed of the waiter to serve food.

Secure and well-built

The entire food order can be handled at once by robots and can hold up to 50kgs of load without any hassle.


Robots automatically sense and overcome obstacles on their path.

Highly stabilized

These robots have a high stability feature along with faster speed to keep your order secure.


Once it has reached the destination table, it will give you a signal to collect your order.


Best battery management solutions that prolong the battery lifespan.


Without any break, the robots will continuously serve the food 24/7.

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