About Us

About Enigmaty...

Enigmaty is an India-based Robotics, Industrial Automation and Software Solutions company. Started by three hard-working and enthusiastic engineers.

Our skills and knowledge, gained through previous and current projects, enable us to add value to our customer’s business ideas and deliver the right products. We take every single challenge as an opportunity to do our utmost best.

We are building trust. Not just software.

Our team is full of talent, skill and committed to deliver digital products that make our customers and our team proud. We are ambitious when it comes to finding simple solutions to complicated challenges and presenting awesome results. We will connect business development, processes, and working environments. Enigmaty ensures that your wonderful concept is translated into a market redefining product with our knowledge in agile development coupled with the latest product development technologies.

Our awesome team...


CO-Founder & MD

An Engineer and a Entrepreneur

CO-Founder & CEO

An Engineer, a Coder and a Tech enthusiast

CO-Founder & COO

An Engineer, Science Geek, Graphic Designer



An Engineer