Enigmaty Robotics

Enigmaty Gold series Robotic Arm

700 g to 20Kg

High precision with Good payload capacity

Enigmaty high precision robotic arms come in different payload capacity form ranging 700g to 20Kgs in the same footprint and same precision.

<10 Microns

Our Industrial robotic arms have very high precision which is less than the diameter of human hair, Our robot has a precision of less than 10 microns which can be useful at high precision work in industries.

Custom Gripper

Every Industry have different needs different products so they need different robot head gripper. We can provide you with your custom made gripper which suites your needs.

Suitable for your industries

Enigmaty 's Precision arm can be used in multiple Applications

  • Buffing, Grinding, Polishing
  • Welding
  • CNC Operation
  • Machining Work
  • Spray Painting
  • Pick and Place
  • Material Handeling
  • Quality Assurance

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